Brothers’ Keeper (BK) has built a strong legacy and vision of serving Christ for over two decades! As we continue this missional work camp together, why don't you consider joining us for Brothers' Keeper 2022 (BK 22) in Jackson County, West Virginia on June 19-24, 2022 at the Parchment Valley Conference Center?

We invite you to join us in prayer, worship, work and fellowship. BK 22 will absolutely make a difference in the lives of those seeking to help others both spiritually and physically.

This ministry was built with hundreds of our alumni BK “people” who with the Lord’s help shaped this ministry. As a result of this intentional “Kingdom work”, souls have been saved and families who needed help received it both physically and spiritually.

Please bring a team of youth this year along with your adult leaders. Let’s canvas this county sharing God’s Love!

As we prayerfully plan for BK 22, get ready for one of the most blessed camp experiences to happen.  Our theme this year is to “Intentionally engaging communities for Christ”.

Parchment Valley Conference Center will practice all safe measures to guard against the COVID Virus and our medical team will be on site during Brothers’ Keeper week.

Downloads of all forms are now available!


A Crew Chief is typically involved in the work process in advance of camp and handles the blueprints, site preparations and oversight of the project.

A Crew Leader is recruited for each project site and supervises behavior, morale and worksite cooperation. Crew Leaders may be recruited from our Adult Counselors.

If camp has reached capacity, you will be contacted to let you know you are on the Waiting List. Group Registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Contact your Group Leader to make sure all forms are turned in on time!

For the safety of our campers, we must maintain the proper youth to adult ratio by gender. Each group is required to have at least one adult for every nine or fewer youth of same gender (1:9). A group of four youth males and four youth females requires one male and one female adult. A group of ten youth males and one youth female requires two male adults and one female adult. 

Parchment Valley Conference Center
1715 Parchment Valley Rd, Ripley, WV 25271