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It's time to register for Brothers' Keeper 2020! In order to receive information about ordering BK 2020 Anniversary shirts, receive our upload email address (for video reports and testimonies) and for instructions on how to participate, please use the Contact Us link above or click here:


#BKATHOME Upload Instructions

We want to see your photos, videos, testimonies and more! So, how do you get them to us?

1. REGISTER WITH BROTHERS' KEEPER for #BKATHOME! Please use the CONTACT US link above to register, order your BK 2020 shirts and to receive our upload email link.  

2. Upload your photos and videos to a cloud storage site like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon Drive, etc. Almost all of these sites have free options that provide enough storage to upload your files.

3. Share your files from your cloud storage to the email address you have been provided at registration.

4. Please do not send files directly to the email address as they will be far too large for our emails system to handle. Only send links to your files using cloud storage. Uploading files to cloud services allows them to be scanned properly for security.

5. Get set to see your reports as a part of our regular Brothers' Keeper videos!

Brothers' Keeper 2020 is #BKATHOME


In accordance with the Jackson County, WV Health Department and the State Governments Guide lines during the COVID19 pandemic, The Brothers' Keeper Task Force made the decision to begin a new effort this year called #BKATHOME. For the safety of all of our students, staff, volunteers and homeowners, we will not meet on site at Parchment Valley in June. Instead, Brothers' Keeper 2020 will take place and connect all of us virtually.

Consider now what you can do for someone else: your family, your church and those less fortunate. Use your BK skills to help someone else in need and share your experience with us! We will provide the means to upload your video stories so they can be added to our virtual experience.

During BK week we have planned a virtual experience each evening. We will share video testimonies, from where you are, remembrances from 20 years of BK, special music from Blind Journey and our speakers will present a Word from God each night.

Stay tuned to all of our social media outlets for updates on our plans to go forward with BK 20 and how you can get connected as we celebrate 20 years of Brothers' Keeper!

For more information, please check this website or call us at (304) 372-3675.

In His Grip,
BK 2020 Task Force.

2020 Brothers' Keeper #BKATHOME OVERVIEW

For twenty years, Brothers’ Keeper has ministered to the community around our home base of the Parchment Valley Conference Center in Ripley, West Virginia. Our students, volunteers and staff work each year serving as the hands and feet of Jesus. We have loved and cared for our neighbors throughout the Jackson County area. Now it is time to love and care for our neighbors right where we live. 

Brothers’ Keeper (BK) celebrates twenty years of ministry with #BKATHOME. For twenty years we gathered to worship, sing, praise and celebrate while serving our neighbors. Let’s take all that we learned and get set to change the world right where we live!

Jesus says in Mark 12:30-31 that we are to first love God with all of our hearts. But then He goes on to say “you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” It is time to serve our neighbors at home like we do every year at BK.

What does this mean? GET TO WORK! Start doing projects now! You don't have to wait until BK week. When you are done, let us know what you did.

We are asking everyone to send us your videos, stories and testimonies about reaching your community with #BKATHOME. While practicing safe social distancing and the rules of your state, find ways you can change the world right where you live. Once you have recorded your videos and photos, please follow the upload instructions found in the article on this page.

During Brothers’ Keeper week June 21 to 24, we will stream via YouTube our regular 7 PM BK evening worship. To get ready, please subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking HERE and selecting the SUBSCRIBE button. 

Each evening we will include videos from #BKATHOME, guest speakers will bring a message of encouragement and we enjoy great music from Blind Journey. Replays will be available on our YouTube channel following each service.

What can you do where you live? Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm your own projects - and remember, everyone will have different ways they can do #BKATHOME.

  • Take a meal to a family in need. 
  • Help a food bank or soup kitchen distribute food.
  • Make masks for those who do not have resources.
  • Make a flower garden or weed a garden bed for a local nursing home.
  • Help in a community garden.
  • Clean up trash in a local park (check to make sure you have permission).
  • Check to see if your local charities need help of some kind.
  • Tutor children or entertain them via Zoom or other online communication.
  • Help your parents in a project at your own home.
  • Offer to help shut-in neighbors take out the trash.
  • Build a wheelchair ramp with the skills you learned at Brothers’ Keeper.
  • Create a care kit for a shut-in neighbor.
  • Hold a prayer vigil for a friend in need.
  • Host a Vacation Bible School online.
  • Weed a neighbor’s yard (with permission, of course).
  • Help with an upkeep project at your church (painting, cleaning, etc).
  • Offer to do an outdoor project at a neighbor’s home.

Some projects will be big, others will be small. Some projects can be done right at your home, other projects may require working in an area where safety precautions are necessary. Please make sure your parents and guardians have approved any project you choose to do. And again, please make sure that you are focused on staying safe no matter what project you are doing!

Everything counts in the Kingdom of God! Let’s love our neighbors together!

Join us as we celebrate #BKATHOME!

For more information, please use the Contact Us link above or call us at (304) 372-3675.

BK 2020 Task Force

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All campers (youth and adults) must be in attendance from start to finish. Arriving late or leaving early creates complications for those we serve. Please plan to arrive for registration no earlier than 3 PM on Sunday and stay through checkout on Friday at 10 AM. Please do not attend if you are unable to meet this requirement.

Parchment Valley and Brothers’ Keeper will not be held responsible for missing items. If you think you may lose it, don’t bring it!

Students are allowed to bring and use their mobile phones. Mobile phone usage is not permitted during the workday at the project team sites. Students will be able to use their phones at lunch and during free time hours. Not every network is available to all of our project teams so having students with mobile phones from different providers can sometimes make a huge difference in the ability to communicate. 

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