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Brothers' Keeper 2018 ~ The Mission Continues

God is building a "Bridge of Hope" through the work of so many students who serving Christ across Jackson County. The work they are doing is changing lives, lifting up the name of Christ and making a difference in the lives of so many. Thank you for your continued prayers and support of the work of Brothers' Keeper 2018!

Brothers' Keeper 2018 ~ Mission Middle

We are just past the half way point of Brothers' Keeper 2018. The weather has cooperated and given us a great opportunity to touch so many lives with the love of Christ. Our students have served on a huge number of projects accomplishing so much for those in need in our community. Praise God for how He has worked through us to help build a "Bridge of Hope" in Jackson County!

Brothers' Keeper 2018 ~ Hope through Mission

There is something powerful when students catch the vision of servant leadership. They are learning new skills, teaching each other and building the Kingdom of God right here in Jackson County. Brothers' Keeper is building a "Bridge of Hope" that points to Jesus. God is blessing in so many ways. Thank you for your prayerful support! 

Brothers' Keeper 2018 ~ The Mission Begins

What a week we are having at Brothers' Keeper 2018! With God's help we are building a "Bridge of Hope" in Jackson County. The Lord has already blessed in so many ways. Here is just a sample of the many projects, servants of the Lord at work and wonderful ministry and fun experienced by all of our students at BK this year! Continue to pray for our students, our leaders, the homeowners, volunteers, support staff and all of those involved in Brothers' Keeper.

Brothers' Keeper 2017 004

The impact of Brothers’ Keeper is immeasurable. With servant hearts, more than 150 students, volunteers and leaders fan out across the Jackson County region to serve homeowners with countless needs. Lives are changed both in those who are served and those who serve. It is a week of countless blessings!

Brothers' Keeper 2017 003

The impact of Brothers' Keeper 2017 has been felt throughout Jackson County. Lives have been changed, hearts have been touched, homes have been refreshed and renewed. It is a week of servanthood, discipleship, community and a lot of joy along the way. God has blessed in a multitude of ways!

Brothers' Keeper 2017 002

A Beacon of Hope serving the Lord in Jackson County, West Virginia on another glorious day! Work, worship, fellowship, community, family and fun! It is all a part of what happens at Brothers' Keeper every year.

Brothers' Keeper 2017 001

God has blessed us with beautiful weather, great homeowners welcoming us in, wonderful attitudes and the obvious and moving presence of God. Thank you for your prayers as we reach out to the Jackson County community with the love of Christ!

What Brothers' Keeper Means to Me

There's something about serving others that brings people closer to the mission of Christ. Brothers' Keeper affects not only those who are served, but also the servants. Being the hands and feet of Christ is a wonderful and life-changing opportunity.

Brothers' Keeper One Day Deck and Wheelchair Ramp

One of the greatest challenges for our project teams at Brothers' Keeper this year was a porch refurbishment and wheelchair ramp. We have built many of these over the years but very few in ONE DAY! It's true! This project was completed in one day with teamwork and dedication. Another testimony to the awesome work of our volunteers and the importance of working together to accomplish God's purpose!



As we serve, our actions and appearance speak loudly and have the potential to influence the community’s perception of Brothers’ Keeper and most importantly our witness for Christ. Choosing modest clothing helps to avoid distractions and misunderstandings both on the project site and in camp. We ask that you choose apparel consistent with certain guidelines.

WHO DO I CONTACT FOR MORE INFORMATION? Please contact Parchment Valley Conference Center with any questions or concerns. Parchment Valley 1-800-489-8564 or 304-372-3675.

All campers (youth and adults) must be in attendance from start to finish. Arriving late or leaving early creates complications for those we serve. Please plan to arrive for registration no earlier than 3 PM on Sunday and stay through checkout on Friday at 10 AM. Please do not attend if you are unable to meet this requirement.

Parchment Valley Conference Center
1715 Parchment Valley Rd, Ripley, WV 25271