On a beautiful spring day just outside of Ripley, West Virginia Kerrigan Weaver interviewed Rev. Frank Miller, Director of Operations at Parchment Valley Conference Center.

The interview covered a variety of topics. Kerrigan's questions included how the Brothers' Keeper Mission has made a difference in Jackson County, how it has touched Rev. Miller personally and more. 


Brothers' Keeper.

We know that it is getting more and more difficult to find "appropriate" swimsuits for females as well as males. If the swimsuit does not meet our guidelines (whether one piece or not), we ask that a t shirt be worn over the swimsuit. And guess what? Guys are required to wear t shirts as well. This alleviates issues with different groups abiding by different policies and keeps us on mission and focued, together. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

What Does the Camp Fee Cover? Lodging, All Meals, Four Work T-Shirts, One Keepsake Theme Tee Shirt.

Parchment Valley Conference Center
1715 Parchment Valley Rd, Ripley, WV 25271