#BKATHOME Brothers’ Keeper 20th Anniversary Celebration Thursday night worship features our teams from West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania! Our special guest speaker Pastor Todd McClure provides us another aspect of what it means to love your neighbor. We'll also hear an opening devotion from Pastor Scott Weaver, some stories from the history of BK, see scenes from previous years, worship music from Blind Journey and so much more as our Wednesday worship becomes our Thursday worship time together. #BKATHOME has it covered for you!


Don’t Bring: Jewelry, Tobacco of Any Kind, E-Cigarettes, Vaping  Products, Skateboards, Inline Skates, Weapons.

Every person in your group must have transportation to and from Parchment Valley. The same number of seats and seatbelts must be available for transportation during the week to and from our Project Team worksites. Drivers during the week must be 21 years old or older. Please make sure enough transportation is available for every member of your group!

Students are allowed to bring and use their mobile phones. Mobile phone usage is not permitted during the workday at the project team sites. Students will be able to use their phones at lunch and during free time hours. Not every network is available to all of our project teams so having students with mobile phones from different providers can sometimes make a huge difference in the ability to communicate. 

Parchment Valley Conference Center
1715 Parchment Valley Rd, Ripley, WV 25271